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Vishvas Oil Maker Machine is one of the best Edible Oil Press Machine for being healthy Life. We are a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of small-scale machinery in Domestic market. We are manufacturing different types of Oil Maker Machine for Home. We have invented Mini Oil Press Machine 1st time in India at Surat. We export our machine in India & foreign Country. If you want 100% pure & natural oil for cooking at home, then you must visit our Website.


Generally, we used Refined Oil for made cooking at home. Because of the high percentage of trans fat in the oil, it’s very harmful to health. So for preventing your health buy our Oil Press Machine now. We all know that oil is the king of food. Which is used in each & every food in the day to day life. It will be also being so dangerous for its harmful chemical’s side effect as a poison. WHO ( World Health Organization ) & National Institute of Nutrition also proven oil’s hazardous matter. Which plays the major role for main dieses like... High Blood Pressure, Heart Attack, Gas, Acidity, Skin Allergy and Cancer in our life.

Scientific Researches, Peanuts oil is a very healthy oil for health. In this era, you could get 100% natural & purified oil without adding chemicals with the help of Commercial Oil Maker Machine. For its easy operating system, you can get fresh & pure oil for your family at any time or any places on daily basis. Not only Peanuts but you can get also coconut oil, sesame oil, soybean oil, walnuts oil, sunflowers seeds oil, vegetable seeds oil, flax seeds oil, almond oil, mustard seeds oil and much more. You could watch our live machine demo video below using this link  VISHVAS OIL MAKER DEMO  for all types our Oil Press Machine For Home Use.


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Let’s Purchase Vishvas Oil Maker Machine today and made your health more healthy…Ek Kadam Suddhata ki Aur.

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