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What is Oil Press Machine and How to Use Mini Oil Press Machine?

The mini oil press machine is a tool that housewives can use at home.They are mini-type equipments. Such machines are used in homes and small and large commercial eateries. They are widely used in crushing vegetable oil seeds. This mini oil press has advantage of simple design, easy to operate and low maintenance. At the same time it can be designed into C series and A series as well.

The following pointers that we have put down are a sure read that will make you go gaga to extracting oil on a regular basis as and when it is required. You will for sure stop buying oil from a convenient store and start extracting it on your own. The main features of the oil press machine are as depicted below::

1. Extract oil from edible products:

They can be various nuts like peanut and Almond. This machine can also use for various seeds like Sesame, Mustard, Flaxseed, Mustard, Sunflower. Similarly, one can also use it for extracting oil from coconuts. The main goal of the mini oil press machine is to extract oil from the products mentioned above.

2. Automatic systems

There are various automatic systems in place to help extract oil in a proper manner.

3. Capacity

The capacity of an oil press machine of small size is up to 3-6 kg/hr

4. Voltage within limits

The oil press machine can have a voltage of upto 220

5. Light Weight

These machines come within the range of 13 kg. This means that they are easy to carry around. The women at home can easily get the oil from such oil press machine as and when they require. The fresh oil will help to maintain the health of all the members of the family..

6. Simple design:

A simple design comes in handy when the machine is not working. The technician can come down fast and help you to get it up and running fast. The engine Power can be anything around 2000 W

7. Spoiled for choices

We have a wide range of oil press machine for our clients. We put forth a huge exhibit of Oil Mini Commercial Machines with various designs and colors.

8. Multipurpose oil extractor

The main benefit of buying from us is that we offer Multifunctional home oil press machines. The press machine can be used for peanuts, Coconut, olives, sesame, soybean, macadamia nuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, vegetable seeds, flaxseeds, just to name a few.

9. Durable machine

The engine that we fit in these machines is very durable. In fact, it is one of the leading ones in the industry. It can keep working for over 5 hours for sure. Therefore, we recommend these mini oil press machines that can save your labor of buying and storing oil.

10. Time saving

Many times getting oil from the bazaar can be a very laborious process. It is especially very tiring for a working women who juggles between home and work. It is also not so good a thing for a housewife because she is a woman that works 24 X7 without taking a holiday. We just melt down the 5 hours waste of time and bring it down to just around 60 minutes. That will be useful for the machine

You can learn how to use the Commercial Oil Press Machine by watching our video. Play Video

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