Vishvas Oil Maker VI-391

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Product Features

  • Multi functional home oil maker machine for peanuts, coconut, sesame, soybean, macadamia nuts, walnuts, sunflowers seeds, vegetable seeds, flax seeds and so on...

  • The Motor is industry motor that it can continue working for more than 5 hours. We suggest it works 5 hours and take a rest for about 1 hour. That will be good for machine.

  • Oil extracting that is up to 45%, which depends on the oil seed.

  • Easy to operate, clean and move.

Working Capacity

Material Efficiency Oil Yield
Peanut 3 Kg/Hr 1.8 Kg/Hr
Sesame 4 Kg/Hr 2.2 Kg/Hr
Sunflower 4 Kg/Hr 1.8 Kg/Hr
Almond 2.5 Kg/Hr 1.5 Kg/Hr
Coconut 2 Kg/Hr 1.2 Kg/Hr
Mustard 4 Kg/hr 2 kg/hr
Flax seed 2.5 Kg/Hr 1.2 Kg/Hr
Soybean 3 Kg/Hr 0.5 Kg/Hr

Technical Specification

Specification Value
Capacity 3-6 Kg/hr ( according to the material )
Voltage 220v
Weight 13 kg
Power 400w
Material 304# food grade stainless steel
Machine Dimansion 460(L) * 190(W) * 240(H) mm
Service No require
warranty 1year

How To Use ?

Cleaning Process

How to use machine & Cleaning Process

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